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Oh Great Gaint Dumpling, I Bow Before Thee

Hi yes, hello, it’s me, most annoying sporadic blogger ever. It’s the end of the big National Holiday Week here, G and M have gone back to work and school respectively, and I am left to my own devices. I should be cleaning the house or grocery shopping or some other useful thing I suppose…



Anywho, one day this week we decided to go out for lunch and have some dumplings at a place called Din Tai Fung, which many of you may already know because it’s a Taiwanese-based chain that has several global locations, including about 7 here in Shanghai. They have fabooluss xiaolongbao, the delicious little parcels of yumminess I was so looking forward to stuffing myself with upon arrival in Shanghai that they were part of the inspiration for the name of this blog. (Yes, this blog, the one I hardly ever write in, I know, I know.)

Well, we trekked over to the branch closest to our house, which happens to be in the Shanghai World Financial Center, known locally at The Bottle Opener. See if you can figure out why:

So we go over and have our lovely lunch, and as we are leaving the building, I spot this in the atrium:

Giant Dumpling! Be still my heart. So of course I need a photo of this. I pull out my camera and take a snapshot, then realise I’ve got the settings all wrong on the exposure, so I start fiddling with it so I can take another pic. But before I can so that, a security guy comes rushing over shouting “No! No photo, no!” and waving frantically at me to put my camera away. Clearly, photographing the Giant Dumpling is some sort of security risk. Or perhaps I am stealing a part of its soul, or bringing shame upon my ancestors, or something.

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