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“Why don’t you write in your blog anymore?”

Oh my poor poor neglected bloggy. I really have been so very remiss, it’s true.

So what have I been doing, then?

Well here’s the thing that has been taking up most of the time and energy that I should otherwise have been at least in part spending here:  I have been working very hard, along with four other dedicated expat mothers, on a website for parents here called Shanghai Mamas. Have a look at Some of the site you won’t be able to see, because you have to be a member to visit the ‘private’, password protected areas, but there are other ‘public’ areas you will be able to see. What do I do there? Oh, lots of stuff. I am unofficially the official “content editor” for the site, which mostly means I write articles, cajole other people into writing articles, edit other people’s articles, beg people to keep blogs on the site, come up with competitions and wheedle prizes out of sponsors, compose daily summaries of  activity on the site to email out as a daily digest to our members, and so on and so forth and all the rest. It’s good, it’s fun, I feel really productive and I’m happy to be part of creating something that is valuable to so many people. But it has been sapping my energy away from stuff like writing here.

However, things on the website are up and running and ticking over nicely and all that, so I can hopefully pull back slightly and try to, like, be here more. So stay tuned, I do have lots of things I’d like to write about, so many things have happened that really do bear telling you about – school trips, holiday celebrations, everyday weirdness…

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  • Beth says:

    Glad you will be getting back to writing. Was wondering what you were up to.

  • Gamer Mouse says:

    That’s a nice project, someone should do the same for BeiJing ^^ I wish you good luck on the project!

  • Hi Kellie,
    Great pictures … Mathilde is so grown up and beautiful! You are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with her – a great education.
    I was in Hong Kong in 1976 and it felt like coming home… favorite picture is on the sunset in the harbor with a sampan sailing into it. If I had the finances, I’d come over for a visit!
    Hope Gus is enjoying his work. Please give him my love.
    It’s summer here in the Phoenix desert … we had the biggest sand storm – over 50 miles wide and 5,000+ feet high! What a mess! Luckily it was silt and swept up pretty well but still very gritty.
    So continue to enjoy Chinese life … stay well and be happy.
    Much love to all, Janet

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