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The Giving of Thanks

Whew. It’s been an age again since I posted, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Feels like I’ve been rushed of my feet lately, except for the days I’ve been knocked out. I think I posted a couple weeks ago about a a cold I was having a hard time shaking. Was taking some strong decongestant-y stuff for that, which made me feel very fuzzy and out of it for a while – couldn’t focus on anything, felt like my head was stuffed with wool, etc. And it didn’t even do any good; turned into a sinus infection, which by the time I got to the doctor I could tell was migrating south to lodge in my chest (which is what always f’ing happens with me). All clearing up now but it’s slowed me down. except for those days where, as I said, I’ve been rushing around like mad. Oh and I have a job now, of sorts. More on that another time.

Today though of course is Thanksgiving, so that means I ought to quit bitching now about having been unwell and instead reflect upon how very lucky I am to have access to good quality medical care, and to be able to take time to get a bit of extra rest without much consequence. To be honored that I have an amazing husband whose skill, intelligence and hard work has enabled us to continue on this incredible adventure. To be in awe of this small, mad, wonderful little person who entered our lives five years ago as a tiny kidney bean on a hospital monitor and who continues to teach me more and more every day about who I want to be when I grow up. To be grateful beyond words for my family, scattered to the wind though we may be, who have always believed in who I have always been. To marvel at the tight web of friends-as-family I have somehow managed to weave around myself on three continents. I give you all my thanks, and all my love.

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  • Heather says:

    Oh blimey, that was moving. Especially the bit about your lovely kidney bean because I know just what you’re talking about. I’m glad you’re happy and life is exciting and I thoroughly enjoy your Dumplings blog. We miss you soooo much xxxx

  • yep, giving thanks for your words- even 4 months old. x

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