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Mad as a box of frogs

Forgot to give you guys the latest tadpole news! Well, finally, they are now frogs. Here’s a photo from about a two weeks ago:

Well their tails resorbed in the few days after this was taken and on Tuesday M and I went back to Century Park with the four surviving little hoppers. (Yes, there had been five. There was some unpleasantness involving one of them. Let us speak of it no more.) We went to the lake and looked for a good spot at the edge of the water. It was not too hard to find; we looked down and there were about a hundred little froggies just like ours happily hopping about, so we opened their container and off they went. Everyone sing: Born free, as free as the wind blows…

So, speaking of madness and boxes of frogs – today was M’s class trip.  I found myself at 9am trapped on the highway in a bus full of overexcited, sugared-up four year olds heading for I don’t know where (the itinerary was in Chinese, all I knew was ‘somewhere in Minhang’). Oh and I hadn’t had any coffee. It was like being mauled to death by fluffy kittens. Completely adorable and absolutely killing me. Anyway, turns out we went to a park with a big crazy playground, the kids ran around like they’d been shot from cannons, and then we had a picnic.

After that, we got back on the bus and went to another playground, this time a big indoor playground, inside of a cake factory.  First we got to walk past the bakery floor and watch the workers going about their business of making cakes whilst being stared at by a thousand kindergarteners. then we went upstairs to the superhumungous play area. I was kind of wondering why we’d driven all the way across to the other bloomin’ side of Shanghai just to go to a play area, even one where you get to stare at bakery workers, but my skepticism proved unwarranted, as soon we were brought to this room

where the kids got to decorate their very own cakes!

Our finished product:

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  • Sue Bichler says:

    after reading yesterdays post about your trials & tribulations with spackle, i was looking through some of your old posts & i was going to post “but what about the tadpoles & the goldfish?” thank you for answering half of my question before i could ask it! so now, what about the goldfish? are any of them still among the living?
    and i think M has a future as a cake decorator. maybe she can open a branch of Charm City Cakes in China!

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