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A pinch of this, a dash of that

In case you were thinking of dropping by.

Busy week! Lots going on – Mother’s Day, sick kid, other kids’ birthday parties,  my own kid’s birthday party, playdates, trying to work on writing stuff that might actually someday help me earn some damn money, trying to do work for my job back in England which I still have some responsibility for, and so on and so forth and life and stuff. So I can’t get my head around writing about a coherent subject here just this moment so I thought I’d just throw in a handful of photos I’ve got from recent weeks that haven’t fit in anywhere else for your perusal.

I have no idea who these people and their littel dog are. But they're, like, kinda fabulous, right?

Genuine Barborey sheets! Classy.

Refreshing honesty.

Lovely flowering fruit trees outside the entrance to my apartment building that made me smile every day for several weeks.

Sunset over Puxi

Cool funerary mask thing at the Shanghai Museum

Ceramic figurines at the Dongtai Lu Curiosities Market

Pearl Tower, as seen from Yu Garden

Lane of shops at Taikang Lu

Statues for sale at Dongtai Lu

The Jinmao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center

3 Responses to “A pinch of this, a dash of that”

  • Dearest Kellie, i could spend days just reading your blog. Miss you and love you and all your family- fish, tadpoles, deities and of course the man and grrl.

  • Jane O'Shea says:

    Hi Kellie
    I just accidentally stumbled onto your blog and I had to tell you I read the Chinglish one and I nearly died laughing. We have been living in Shangers a year and a bit and I also have to tell you that you hit the nail on the head. You have a wicked sense of humor and express so well how so many expats feel about “here.”

    Thank you for the really excellent laugh. I will tell my friends about you. You have a rare talent!


  • kellie says:

    Hi Jane, thanks for your lovely comment. Well you know, you need a good sense of humour to cope here. That or a xanax prescription. Better yet, both. And a lot of wine.

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