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Girls on film

Ack. Ack! what a day.

OK so I wrote here a while back about how M has done some test shots for modeling. Since then we have been approached by other agents as well, when we are out and about – they just love the way she looks. Well of course who can blame them, right? (Not that I am biased in any way.) Well anyway, we went for an audition for a TV commercial on Wednesday, and she did really well. Was a little shy about talking on film but apparently for this commercial she won’t need to, so the agent showed her clip to the client and she has been asked to do the spot. Yay, right? Except the commercial is probably going to be shot in Shenzhen in two weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with the geography, Shenzhen is about a 3 hour plane ride south of Shanghai, near Hong Kong. Now this isn’t really such a big deal – they will fly us down, put us up overnight, and we return the next day. It’s actually a good practice run for the (much longer) flight to the US we have coming up in June, so OK.

Now here’s the issue: I got a call yesterday from a different agent to do a catalog shoot today. Well as it happened we didn’t have anything else on so I asked M if she fancied going to take some more pictures and she was happy and excited to go. So, we went.

And she was a complete brat. Threw a massive strop almost as soon as we got to the location, refused to put her shoes on, wouldn’t let anyone brush her hair, cried and moaned about the clothes they needed her to wear for the shoot, had a hissy fit at the photographer for ‘looking at her’ (!?), I mean she was a total nightmare. I guarantee this agent is never going to callus for another job!

The thing is, of course, although I was really disappointed in her behavior, I have said that the only way we’re going to do any of this modeling stuff is if she is happy to do it and she wants to carry on, so whilst she was having her little diva strops, I felt like I had to walk this really fine line between making it clear that the way she was acting was unacceptable, and yet not being manipulative and coercing her into doing something she really didn’t want to do. It was really difficult. There were a few moments where I came very close to just saying “Right, get your own clothes back on, we’re out of here,” because I don’t want to force her – but by the same token, she had said she wanted to, and all the way there in the taxi she had been happy and practicing her ‘posing’ and talking about wearing different clothes and whatnot, so I didn’t want the lesson she takes away from this to be “just have a big fit and you can get out of what you said you were going to do.” But, she’s, you know, 4.

Anyway, to bring this back around, now I am rethinking the Shenzhen thing because it is going to be really freakin’ embarassing if after they fly us down there and put us up, if she goes into the studio and has another major meltdown.

But, maybe it will be fine. The craziest hing was, once she FINALLY decided to get dressed and strut her stuff, we had just finished her photos (which were, ultimately, great) when two more kids came in, and it turns out they are friends of hers, neighbors actually. It was actually the younger one, S, who is close to M’s age who was shooting and so M waited whilst S got dressed and did her first shots and then the photographer was able to take some photos with the two of them together, chasing each other around and jumping up and down and being generally silly. I’m told that for the commercial thing they will basically be filming a small group of kids playing, kicking a ball around and building with blocks and such, so hopefully in that setting she will be fine. I hope.

If it’s not, and she has another supafreakout, then that’s it, that’s the end of this modeling lark; I will just have to conclude it’s not for her.

Well out of the experience though there was one really cool thing, which is that the building where the photographer’s studio is located is this really excellent-looking work-in-progress artists center, with lots of galleries and workshops. It’s not finished yet, but it looks mostly complete and many of the units are already occupied and it’s just a really neat space.

This is the big gallery on the ground floor; as you can see it is just this huge big open space spanning basically the width of the building, really really great showcase for large works. Lots of light coming in from above, as they have glass panels in each concrete ‘box’ section.

This is the second floor, you can see the glass tiles here that let the light through to the gallery below, as well as some of the unfinished bit on the upper floors of the building. The wall with the wood paneling is mirrored on the opposite wall (mirrored as in, they both have the funky woody thing going on, not that it has, erm, mirrors.)

The girls thought the fact that you can stand up on the glass and look down at the people below was just FANTASTIC. And really, they’re not wrong, are they.

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