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Tadpole watch: Day 3

Okay so, as reported earlier, we caught a bunch of tadpoles in the pond at Century Park, and brought them home for a bit of a science lesson. If you read my post from yesterday you know we also have a new fish, and we will be moving soon, so basically everyone is in temporary housing: next week we will move to our new apartment, Penelope Fish will move to a new goldfish bowl, and the tadpoles will move into Penelope’s pet box thingie. In the meantime though, our future frogs are living in a tupperware dish on the window ledge in the bathroom. (The idea being that if it ever stops raining again, they can get some sunlight; but looks like they will be waiting a few days for that.) We also tucked a few rocks in there and gave them some fresh water, mixed with a little bit of the scummy water from the pond, because scum is important; you gotta have some microbacteria junk and stuff, they don’t like it too clean. Wasn’t totally sure what to feed them but thanks to the magic of the internet I learned that we needed to take some sort of dark green leafy vegetable, chop it up very fine, and then throw that in there and leave it to decompose, because it will start to ‘stick’ onto the rocks and the sides and stuff and the tads like to eat that slimy gunge. Also we took a pinch of the flake food we have for Penelope and smushed that into a powder and chucked that in as well.

So now apparently what we do next is, pretty much ignore them and let the water go all funky over the next week or so (without sun it will take longer) and just fish out any of them that might, well, die. We’ve already lost 4, but they were smaller ones; I guess they were not as able to survive the trip, the bigger guys all seem quite robust and active. M helped me flush the deadies down the toilet yesterday and ever since, every time she uses the toilet she yells “I’m peeing on the dead tadpoles!” and laughs like crazy. I’m not sure if I find that cute, or a bit disturbing.

2 Responses to “Tadpole watch: Day 3”

  • Sue Bichler says:

    #1 – that is SO adorable – “i’m peeing on the dead tadpoles” you need to put that in her baby book (if she has one)
    #2 – i’m thinking you won’t be using that tupperware for any leftovers anytime soon
    #3 – where are you moving to, and why? i can’t believe you’ve been there for almost a year already!

  • kellie says:

    Thanks. She had a baby book, but it only went up to the first 3 years. Still though I can print something out and stick it in there I suppose! She is a most amusing character.

    I can’t believe it’s been close to a year either. Shocking when I think about it. We’re moving mainly because our current apartment, while lovely, is just too close to the road and there’s too much noise and dust. The new place is relly just a few buildings away, in the same complex, but more “inside” the grounds and overlooking the gardens, rather than a busy intersection and a construction site.

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