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Daily dose of WTF

There’s a big huge sandstorm to the north and the air here today is dusty beyond belief! Much worse in Beijing, where people are being told to stay indoors and not go out without a mask, but still, it’s totally YECH. Anyway, yesterday it was gorgeous, and I had some errands to run, one of which took me by one of the markets. Didn’t have much time for shopping but just in having a look around, I spotted this:

Now I should point out that thre’s nothing in those boxes; it’s a set of ‘pretend’ containers. What is that about? It’s not like the fake food stuff I get for M for playing – I don’t think so anyway; I don’t imagine most parents buy their kids pretend cartons of smokes and bottles of cognac. So, you know, wtf? I have no idea. Maybe it’s meant for this guy:

At another stall I spotted this bucket of little terracotta boys with their wangs hanging out. No idea what one would do with these things, or why, but there they are nonetheless.

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  • Mr Totomolo says:

    Great blog, Mrs Klick

    I can solve your 2 WTF questions:

    For Hades merchandise, you have guessed right: this is for funeral rituals ;
    as well as chinese burn “ghost money”, they also have the habit to parade and then burn replicas of what the deceased used to love in his mortal life ; sometimes, you will even see some cartons models of houses, cars, etc..

    For the little “Mannekenpiss” terracota boys, you have surely noticed that there is a tiny hole pierced and the strategi location.
    You have to immerse the toy in boiling water for some time, to let the water penetrate enough; then you take the toy out, you pour some icy water on its head, and he will have a long shot of “nature call”
    HUmmm or maybe it is cold water bath and boiled water on the head… ^__^
    I have one in my office but never used it , I saw it before in a supplier factory office once, and he did the demonstration in front of me, but I forgot…

  • kellie says:

    How funny! I am definitely going to have to get one of those little pissing boys now and have a go, my daughter will think that’s hilarious. It makes sense that it must be boiling water in, and then cold water to make it come out – the hot water will expand the terracotta so it can absorb more volume, and then the cold water will cause it to contract and push the water back out. Too funny; next time I am over in Yu Yuan area I am so going to get one. Thanks for that!

    Question about the Hades stuff though – is it meant for the dead person to have and enjoy ‘on the other side’, or is it meant as, like, bribes for the gatekeeper to the underworld?

  • Mr Totomolo says:

    Your daughter will surely love the Mannekenpiss boy…and it is a nice lesson in physics too

    About the funeral ritual:
    These replicas are to be “enjoyed” by the deceased on the other side.
    It is not specific to China; in Taiwan, specially in the south, during funerals, you will often see towering arrangements of real beer cans or wine mixed with flowers; you will sometimes even see shocking stuff like a very sexy girl singing and dancing at the back of the glittering truck leading the funeral procession (some men can’t just have enough the weak sex, even after death ^__^ )

    But you are partially right: the ghost paper money is a bribe to smooth the passage to the underworld. It is burnt regularly twice month for 1st and 15 of each month, at the place of a fatal accident (even on a road), during and at the end of the ghost month festival

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