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Hold that tiger

Spent fireworks casings outside the recycling shed at my compund. That's one evenings worth.

Hey ho, I have some photos taken a while back, over the Chinese New Year, that I never got around to putting up. So I’ll do it now! Most were taken at Yu Garden, which is very touristy but none the worse for that really, lovely garden and little shops all around selling tourist tat, but fun tourist tat that makes great little gifts for friends back home. (Although I wouldn’t buy anything there in the main bazaar, as there are market buildings all around there where you can get exactly the same stuff for a fraction of the price.) It’s always crowded, but on the holidays OH MAN it is just unbelievable. There’s a Chinese expression that goes ren shan ren hai, which translates literally as ‘people mountain people sea’ and means, basically, people everywhere as far as the eye can see, a big huge crowd. Yu Yuan at New Year was definitely¬† ren shan ren hai! For NY of course everything was decorated to the max, so enjoy the photos :-)

In case you are wondering, the little blob of rockabilly toothpaste in a Santa suit is Haibao, the mascot for the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Lanterns. There are lots of lanterns, as NY ends after 2weeks with something called the Lantern Festival.

No prizes for guessing the corporate sponsor.

random cute chinese baby

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